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We’re back!

Wow! Its been seven months since my last post. So why the long hiatus? First of all, my HD crashed during a long Bittorrent download. Great. As expected, Windows didn’t have a clue how to deal with this except to prompt me that I have a hardware failure every 2 minutes. Ofcourse this had to happen during the most convenient time. I had just accepted a new job offer, was in the process of selling my car and buying another one, and was shopping around for a new apartment.

So only now are things getting back to normal. But we’re back (my blog and I) with style, running on FreeBSD with Lighttpd and the newest Typo trunk! I also finally switched my dev box to a Mac! I’m completely, 100% Windows free!

This new version of Typo is pretty cool, but what happened to being lightweight? It has certainly come along way since I contributed my little sidebar. I think it was the 2nd or 3rd patch ever submitted. The new admin interface is slick, but a little too heavy on the Ajax IMHO. Remember the mantra of the guys that helped build Rails, “Less is More”, or I think “Less is Better” is what they are using now. Anyway, its great to see so many people participate in open source. People can only learn and get better from the experience.