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iPhone FriendFeed Client Open-Sourced

When the iPhone SDK was first released in March, I got my feet wet with Objective-C and the SDK by building a FriendFeed client. I never got around to finishing it, and don’t want it to languish away on my Mac. So I’m releasing it to you guys under the MIT license. It was last developed on an early beta of 2.0, but has been updated to compile using the released 2.0 SDK. It is currently read-only, and doesn’t have the ability to post to FriendFeed. It was also done before Interface Builder was available. Feel free to finish it up and release it, use it as a learning tool, or whatever else you may want to do with it.

FriendFeed Touch is hosted on GitHub

Warning: This is not release quality software. I leave it as an exercise for the reader to finish.