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iPhone App: FriendFeed Touch


Here’s my first iPhone app demo, a client for FriendFeed, created with the official SDK. It’s not the first one I did but it’s the only one that is presentable so far. I tried to keep the design true to standard iPhone apps without too much customization. In the future I plan adding the ability to post to FriendFeed, including directly posting photos taken with the iPhone camera. Currently, you can see your personal feed (once authenticated), your friends’ feed, and the public feed for everyone.

This is still in the initial stages. Lots more work has to be done, like making links clickable, and extracting out more specific data in the detail view. I also want to tailor the detail view based on the service. For example, Flickr feed items can be shown in a in an interface where you swipe between photos, and YouTube videos can be opened in the iPhone media player. And yes, the tab-bar images are just placeholders and will be changed to something more meaningful.

When released, this will probably go under a different name than FriendFeed Touch, since it has to be obvious that third-party apps aren’t affiliated with FriendFeed.