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I’m pleased to announce the launch of, a workout tracking tool with social networking features. It allows you to log your workouts at the gym, sports training, your run in the park, or any other type of physical activity, and see the improvement over time. You can add your workout buddies as friends, and keep in touch with their workouts as well.

I mainly built this site for myself, as I wanted a super simple way to keep a record of my workouts and see graphs of my improvement. I thought it would be a great idea for a social site, as many studies have shown that people exercise more when they have a workout buddy or do it as part of a group. In, you will be motivated to exercise by seeing the activity of your friends and others on the site.

Some of the other interesting features on the site include user generated exercise information from Wikipedia, and videos of exercise form from YouTube. Soon I’ll be adding weight and calorie tracking, as well as the ability to SMS text in your workouts from your mobile phone. The site is currently completely free to use.

Give it a spin and help me knock off some bugs. I’d love to hear feedback and any suggestions.

Update: KillerStarups, a sort of digg for startups, is the first to review If you are in a generous mood, please vote for it.