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Shane Vitarana

I own and operate CrimsonJet, an iPhone app company. CrimsonJet’s most successful product, Drum Kit, was the #2 best selling music app in the iTunes App Store in 2008 and continues to be in the Top 10 in Music. It has been featured in Apple’s TV ads, billboards, and posters.

I started programming at age 14, before the Internet was mainstream. The first programming language I learned was PPL (now defunct) to write plugins for the “BBS”: I operated out of my parents house. I was lucky to attend a middle school that taught BASIC and a high school that had a course in Pascal. Since then I’ve taught myself C, Java, Ruby, and Cocoa Touch. I’ve authored and contributed to many open source projects, most within the Ruby community, and written a book on Facebook development.

During college at Rutgers University, I mainly focused on the hardware side, and got a dual degree in Computer Engineering and Computer Science. Later I got my M.S at Illinois Institute of Technology, focusing on electromagnetics and nanotechnology.

In my former life, I did software development for some big companies, including Merrill Lynch, Motorola, and Orbitz. However, I always wanted to start my own company since the early days of college. I left Orbitz in April 2007 and founded CrimsonJet, doing Ruby on Rails consulting. I quit my consulting gigs in March ‘08, the day Apple announced the iPhone SDK. I knew the iPhone was going to change the mobile landscape for a long time and wanted to be part of that process.

Sorry, I’m not available for iPhone development.