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Finally Made the Plunge

I did it. I’m no longer a full-time Java developer. At nearly 2.5 years of doing Rails part-time, I’m practically an old-timer. Many of you who started learning Ruby and Rails around the time I did have had much success doing freelance work. I’m happy to announce the creation of CrimsonJet, LLC., which will provide Agile, test-driven Rails development solutions.

I also hope to introduce a few web apps that I have been working on for the past few months and step up my open-source contributions. Check out my RailsConf plan and definitely get in touch with me if you want to meet up in Portland.

More real content coming soon. Watch this space! :)

Side note: I am not anti-Java or pro-Ruby (okay fine, maybe a little). I believe in using the right tool or mix of tools for the job. For far too long people have been using sledge-hammers to drive in push-pins.